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Product Reviews


Do you have a Product, Event, or Book that you would like reviewed or featured on HitOutfit blog?

Example of Product Review is HERE.




We ask that you send the item/product on which you are wanting a review.  The product is not returned.  Please note that we cannot guarantee a post or review, however, Zhanna only writes about products she likes.  If your product is considered, please allow 4-6 weeks for your review to be completed.


Review with Giveaway:


If a review involves a giveaway, a second (or more if there will be multiple winners) item is offered to the winner(s).  The Giveaway item is kept by you and shipped directly to our  winner(s).  The giveaway item can be the same product as reviewed, a different product or a gift certificate.

Links to your website are included in the review.  We will send you an email with the link once it is posted.

We review all types of products, so just ask.  However, we reserve the right to not review any product that she feels is morally ambiguous or offensive to her own personal beliefs/ethics or is not a good fit for her blog and her readers.  This blog is content driven and has a responsibility to our readers to provide honesty and integrity at all times.  We will not review a product that we would not feel comfortable purchasing or using herself.  Please contact us further for more information or to inquire further about reviewing your product below.

Please, feel free to get in touch if you have any comments or questions.

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