1.  Graphic prints

Bright and creative drawings on T-shirts and sweatshirts will set a positive mood and originality to the image. Drawing can be any – from funny inscriptions to cartoon characters.

graphic Prints

 2. Oversize

Womens tops blouses, coats and jackets, trench coats, and, of course, sweatshirts in oversize style conquered all stylish women. Such clothes will perfectly fit both slender and curvaceous women. And most important, they are not only very fashionable, but also comfortable.


 3.  Fringe

Fringe will be to hippie and country style lovers’ taste. This season it is one of the main fashion trends. Clothing elements with this decor look incredibly feminine and attractive. Especially popular are skirts and dresses with fringe. Also often shawls and shoes meet such decor.


 4. Liberty print

Fine printed clothing is incredibly  fashionable this season. Especially fascinating looks light summer dress with a scattering of small flowers. Classic polka dots also doesn’t not lose popularity. Thin chiffon blouse with such print will look advantageously.

Liberty Print

5. Pleated skirts

Each fashionista has to have such outfit!  It is one of the main must-haves of the new season. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this trend, and, of course, to purchase such skirt.

Pleated Skirts

 6. Gingham

Fashionable gingham does not give up it’s position. This season any color and size of the print are welcomed. Gingham suits, skirts, jackets, shorts – whatever you wish. This is a real space for imagination. Gingham is a true classic. It is actual always.

Gingham Clothes

 7. Pumps

Elegant pumps are, as always, out of competition. They became one of the most popular trends. These shoes are considered the most beautiful and sexy footwear. In spring-summer 2015 they are extremely actual.

Pumps Street Fashion

8. Bright colors

Both juicy fruit and berry colors, and neon are popular. Such accent in your outfit  will draw attention to you in any company.

Bright Colors

9.  Stripes

Strip still remains on a crest of fashionable wave. Stunningly impressive look stylish pants with vertical stripes. This prints visually very much slim and make your legs longer. The horizontal strip is also popular, but such cute outfits should be preferred by women with slender figure.

Striped Pants

10.  Wide leg trousers

This trend is popular not only at glamorous fashion shows, but also in street fashion. These pants are acceptable in any varient: lengthened and shortened, with crease and without, tucked. Besides, they are easy to combine with any clothes. Wide leg trousers will look good with rather short top together with short-cut jacket. You can also add classic blouse or semi-sports jacket.

Wide Leg Pants

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