Baggy pants, as if borrowed from your boyfriend can be combined with various clothes and create saturated and vivid images. What is the most successful way to combine them with other items of clothing?

To create a feminine and attractive image combine “mens jeans” with a translucent light summer shirt. Add to this ensemble high heel shoes in tone to top and a capacious leather handbag. Gently turn up the trousers to get more courageous and original appearance. As for jewelry, the simple, slightly noticeable chains or necklaces that match the overall color will look well.

AllSaints Boys Jean/Unpicked

Boyfriend Jeans Allsaints

To get playful and naughty image you just need to try on boyfriend jeans with a white top and to tuck the shirt into the trousers only on one side. Complete the ensemble with sandals, sneakers or moccasins.

Things which you select to jeans, have to balance bagginess and formlessness of trousers. Let the shirt or blouse sit precisely on a figure, or focus attention of others on your thin wrists and sharpened ankles.

“Mens jeans” will be interestingly combined with a flower shirt and bright high heel shoes matching print. You will emphasize your eccentricity and brightness, but at the same time you do not go beyond what is permitted.

Boyfriend jeans will look great with cardigans, blazers and jackets. To get the elegant look and to emphasize the figure put on turned up jeans, a white blouse, on which you can throw the truncated jacket of preferably female colors (pink, light pink) and classic form high heels. Don’t forget about a handbag in tone of shoes and a belt.

AllSaints Boys Felix/Light Indigo

Boyfriend Jeans Allsaints 1


  1. Hi Larysa, I really love your website. I like boyfriend jeans and I love the look, however I thing it wouldn’t look good on me. Do you think it only looks good on tall people? I’m 5 foot 2in (1,60 mt) so not very tall.

  2. LOL never even thought of wearing the boyfriends jeans and making it look good! These suggestions will definitely help with that…I will have to give it some thought 🙂

    • I am glad to hear that, Nichole! You’ve made my day!) What you would like to hear about? May be you need more fashion advices? I will be happy to be helpful)

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