Want to give your wardrobe a major boost? Take the plunge and buy yourself a hat. Stylish hats are an impeccably fashionable way to top off your outfits this winter. Whether you prefer the eternally cool fedora hats for women or a vintage inspired womens cloche hats, a stylish hat is a must-have when it comes to accessorising your outfit. I think, you’ve noticed how women fashion hats can instantly change the way you look? Your face is the first thing most people notice about you, and a hat will intensify their first impression of you. That’s why wearing a hat style that complements your personal style and face shape will help you feel confident to give off a fabulous impression. A well-chosen hat can add a strong statement to any outfit. If you want to punch up your wardrobe with a bold accessory, follow these tips to wear any hat with panache.

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1. Wide-Brim Hat

Paired with anything from a leather jacket to a t-shirt and jeans, the wide-brim hat gives your look an utterly polished and stylish finish.

Wide Brim1

1. Saks Fifth Avenue Wool Wide-Brim Hat, was $104.00, NOW $39.99

2. Vince Camuto Wool Wide-Brim Hat, was $48.00, NOW $29.99

3. Gottex Laurent Wool Wide-Brim Hat, was $120.00, NOW $39.99


Wide Brim2

1. San Diego Hat Co. Belted Wide Brim Hat, was $78.00, NOW $39.99-$59.99

2. Gottex Laurent Wool Wide-Brim Hat, was $120.00, NOW $39.99



2. Small-Brim and Medium-Brim Hat

Small and medium brim hats are traditionally associated with aristocracy and elegance thanks to uppercrust wearers like Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Queen Elizabeth. But these vintage-inspired styles are no longer just for high society. Ladies wear many styles of chic small hats, including cloches, fedoras, upturns, swinger hats, bucket hats and more stylish short brimmed women’s hats for weddings, black tie affairs and many other occasions.

Small Brim2

1. Vince Camuto Studded Wool Brim Hat, was $58.00, NOW $29.99

2. Saks Fifth Avenue Wool Medium-Brim Hat, was $104.00, NOW $39.99

3. San Diego Hat Co. Rosette-Trimmed Wool Brim Hat, was $72.00, NOW $39.99


Small Brim3

1. Saks Fifth Avenue Wool Medium-Brim Hat, was $104.00, NOW $39.99

2. Saks Fifth Avenue Wool Medium-Brim Hat, was $104.00, NOW $39.99

3. Saks Fifth Avenue Wool Short-Brim Hat, was $104.00, NOW $39.99

4. Vince Camuto Mixed-Media Brim Hat, was $68.00, NOW $39.99



3. Cloche 

Embrace a retro revival in a chic cloche this winter. The style is extremely elegant and perfect for topping off a ladylike outfit.

Cloche Hat3

1. Vince Camuto Wool Cloche, was $48.00, NOW $29.99

2. Saks Fifth Avenue Crushed Wool Cloche, was $92.00, NOW $39.99

3. Calvin Klein Wool Felt Cloche, $58.00


Cloche Hat5

1. Nine West Felt Kettle Cloche, Reg. $44.00, Sale $34.99

2. Nine West Felt Kettle Cloche, Orig. $44.00, Was $23.10, Now $16.99


Cloche Hat4

1. Nine West Felt Kettle Cloche, Orig. $44.00, Was $17.24, Now $11.99

2. Collection XIIX Braided Band Cloche Hat, $36.00


Cloche Hat2

1. August Hats Felt Asymmetrical Cloche, $56.00

2. August Hats Felt Cloche with Chain and Ribbon, $44.00


Cloche Hat1

1. August Hats Melton Bow and Feather Cloche, $40.00

2. Nine West Felt Flower Cloche, $46.00



4. Fedora

Always a favourite, the fedora is a classic style of hat for you to wear this winter. No wardrobe is complete without one. This season try a fedora in an on-trend colour like a deep red or midnight blue.

Fedora Hat1

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Felt Fedora, Price: $245.00

2. Calvin Klein Wool Felt Fedora, $58.00


Fedora Hat2

1. Collection XIIX Faux Suede & Buckle Trim Fedora, $28.00

2. August Hats Felt Floppy Fedora, $56.00


Fedora Hat3

1. August Hats Felt Large Fedora with Feather, $64.00

2. August Hats Chain Fedora, $56.00


Fedora Hat4



5. Drawstring Hat

Women drawstring hats for autumn and winter wear are suitable for any face. They have very good face-lift effect. Wool blend materials are comfortable and soft.

Small Brim1



6. Floppy Hat

Nothing says mysterious quite like a wide-brimmed floppy hat. Choose one in a wool-felt material for winter.

Floppy Hat1


Floppy Hat2

Nine West Pale Felt Floppy Hat,  Orig. $48.00, Was $33.60, Now $24.99

Nine West Pale Felt Floppy Hat,  Orig. $48.00, Was $33.60, Now $24.99


Floppy Hat5

1. Collection XIIX Free Spirit Floppy Hat, $42.00

2. Ralph Lauren Floppy Felt HatPrice: $55.00

3. Ralph Lauren FLOPPY WOOL FELT HAT, $60.00

Floppy Hat3

1. Collection XIIX Bold Bow Floppy Hat, $42.00

2. Nine West Felt Floppy Hat, Reg. $48.00, Sale $39.99



1. BCBGeneration Chained Floppy Hat, $48.00

2. Nine West Felt Tall Crown Floppy Hat, $54.00

General Guidelines for Wearing a Hat

Wear a hat that complements the shape of your face and body type:


1. If your face is round, choose a hat that has a broad brim to balance out the fullness of your face. Those with round faces should avoid rounded crowns. Wear a headband or scarf under your hat so you can angle it, which will add length to your face. Longer earrings also help.

2. If your face is long, choose a softer design or something with movement, like feathers. Also wider brims will be more flattering.

3. For a square-shaped face, choose an asymmetrical hat to balance the angle of your jawline. Emphasize your eyes to draw attention away from it.

4. People with heart-shaped faces are the luckiest. They can carry off almost any type of hat.

5. Newsboys and medium brim hats look good on most people.

6. Larger women should avoid small hats that look out of proportion to the shape of their bodies.

7. Small women should avoid very large hats that overpower them.


Connect your hat to your outfit:


1. If you’re wearing a dress with a peacock pattern, then try a hat with a jaunty peacock feather to unify the outfit. However, if your hat is bold, tone down accessories like jewelry, so that you don’t look garish.

2. Wear a woven hat with a good pair of worn-in jeans and a simple white blouse.

3. Throw on a dark brown wide-brimmed fedora to break up your all-black outfit.

4. Don’t match your fedora too perfectly with your all-brown outfit.

5.  Wear a floppy felt hat with a fall-inspired look.  It may add a great final touch to crop top and long camel coat.

6. Sometimes step out of the box and wear a suit with a matching fedora.

7. Wear a statement-making hat to a fancy event that calls for it.

8. Develop a signature hat style. Rock a tilted fedora and black sunglasses, and it works.

9. Don’t add a hat to an already complicated outfit.



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