Coat with flowers prints is incredibly romantic, but at the same time very courageous and impudent decision. There are few rules of wearing floral coats to look stylish.

Put on monochromatic stretch skinny jeans in combination with a bright coat, high heel boots and a simple shirt or blouse in tone of outerwear. Or create more sexual image – put on leggings, high boots and bright sweater.

Floral Print Coats1

An excellent option is a combination of coat flowers’ images with a monochromatic dress or a skirt above the knee. Make sure that the hem of a dress  is not seen for more than ten centimeters from under the coat.

Floral Print Coats

Combine it with pants, skinny jeans, dresses and various styles of skirts. Best of all would look short and narrow models. But it is not advisable to wear long and spacious skirts with usual classic coats. If you still intend to wear maxi skirt – choose to it a jacket type coat and make sure that the lower part of the dress is plain and simple.

Choose simple and plain clothing to bright and saturated models of coats.

Prints can be combined. Choose outfits of one style and color spectrum. Also avoid combinations of floral prints with photographic ones.

Floral Bright Coat

Choose other items of clothing to match the pattern of the coat – so you can create both bright and very harmonious image.

Big flowers on baggy outerwear will be well combined with heavy footwear on the platform. This style focuses attention on your tenderness and external fragility.



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