Wearing sneakers with dress can go two ways: it can look really chic, fun, hip and young or it can look tacky and old-fashioned. It’s a cute trend but it’s a bit difficult to pull off if you don’t know how. Here are some styling tips on how to wear sneakers with dresses.

Wearing sneakers and dresses together looks best when you create a laid back and relaxed vibe. Don’t try too hard to make the combination work because it will only do the opposite for you.


Sneakers can indeed be fashionable. The sneakers you choose for this look should be sleek and not too chunky. This ensemble is all about being chic yet casual; opting for oversized dresses and swirly skirts is the way to go. Since wearing sneakers with a dress is already daring, stick to neutral colors and comfortable fabrics.

Wear casual sneakers with dresses that have an equally easy silhouette to get that effortlessly chic look. Most of the time, short, flirty and breezy dresses work best for this look.

Sneakers With Dress

With a big dress and super accessories, the sneakers are what make the outfit – and in the process, they make for a super young look.

Sneakers With Simple Dress


Roll your pants above the ankle to put the spotlight on your stylish sneakers. If you want to dress up the look, try darker, slim-fitted pants.

Dress And Sneakers


Trendy sneakers compliment the oversized coat perfectly. Oversized coats in tan, black, and gray allow you to wear bold-colored sneakers that will make the look pop. The oversized coat is structured yet relaxed, making casual and comfortable sneakers the perfect shoe pairing.

Sneakers With Coat
Since you plan on wearing your dress with sneakers, it’s very important to keep proportions in mind. Try to avoid wearing high-cut sneakers with a dress, especially short dresses. They’re okay to wear with maxi dresses.

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