To find the ideal swimsuit is not so simple. We suggest you to get acquainted with the “beach vocabulary”. It could help you with definition of the ideal one. Women beach fashion submits to one law. This law is sexuality. The main objective of the swimsuit is to emphasize sexuality. Designers return to beaches one-piece swimsuits, declaring that intrigue and style are not the last in this segment of fashion.


Swimwear Types

Swimsuits are divided into 2 types: one-piece and bikini.

Swimsuits Types 1

Michael Kors Two-Piece Belted Bikini$334.00

6 Shore Road by Pooja Bonita Bandeau Bikini Top, was $90, NOW $ 45

6 Shore Road by Pooja Bonita High-Waisted Bikini BottomsWas $96.00, NOW $48.00


There exist much more types of swimsuits. They are classified according to the shape of the bodice. Some types can be both one-piece and bikini. One-piece swimsuits are available in six basic types: mayo, bandeau, halter, plandzh, tank and swim-dress. Bikini, bandeau, halter, tank and open swim-dress are one-piece swimsuits models.

Swimsuits Types 2

Clover Canyon Neoprene High-Waist Bikini BottomWas $88.00, NOW $44.00

Clover Canyon One-Piece Zip-Detail Neoprene SwimsuitWas $255.00, NOW $127.50


The advantage of bikini is that they allow you to make different ensembles. Color, style,draperies and other decor only contribute.

Swimsuits Types 3

Karla Colletto Swim One-Shoulder Gingham One-Piece SwimsuitWas $276.00, NOW $138.00

Karla Colletto Swim One-Shoulder Cutout One-Piece SwimsuitWas $285.00, NOW $142.50


Swimsuits Types


Bandini is a kind of bandeau swimsuit: strapless top. The difference is that the bandeau bodice is longer and can reach almost a waist.

Swimsuits Types 4

Jean Paul Gaultier Tattoo-Print Bandeau Two-Piece TankiniWas $565.00, NOW $282.50

Lauren Ralph Lauren Twist-Front Printed Tankini Top, Reg. $87.00, Sale $72.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Lauren Ralph Lauren Printed Hipster Bikini Bottom, Reg. $43.00, Sale $35.99


Swimsuits Types 5

Anne Cole Striped Twist-Front Tankini Top, Orig. $60.00, Now $41.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Anne Cole Side-Tie Swim Brief Bottom, Orig. $44.00, Was $33.00, Now $20.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

MICHAEL Michael Kors Bandeau Hardware Tankini Top, Orig. $86.00, Was $42.99, Now $31.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

MICHAEL Michael Kors Solid Hipster Bikini Bottom, Reg. $50.00, Was $41.99, Sale $24.99, EXTRA 15% OFF



Bandeau swimsuit can be both bikini and one-piece. No straps on the bodice. There are options bandeau with thin straps extending from the center and fastened at the neck. The bodice can be effectively draped or represent the strap.


Swimsuits Types 6

Clube Bossa One-Piece Bandeau SwimsuitWas $540.00, NOW $216.00

Clover Canyon One-Piece Laser Bandeau SwimsuitWas $275.00, NOW $137.50

Swimsuits Types 8

Elizabeth Hurley Beach Carla Bandeau Bikini Top$110.00

Elizabeth Hurley Beach Carla Bikini Bottom$110.00

Carmen Marc Valvo Coast Garden Beaded Bandeau Bikini TopWas $77.00, NOW $38.50

Carmen Marc Valvo Coast Garden Classic Bikini BottomWas $61.00, NOW $30.50

Swimsuits Types 9

Lahco Rimini Bandeau Bikini TopWas $125.00, NOW $62.50

Karla Colletto Swim Side-Ruched Gingham Swim SkirtWas $235.00, NOW $117.50

Vix Swim Manteon Viviene Bandeau Bikini TopWas $108.00, NOW $54.00

Vix Swim Manteon New Roller BottomWas $84.00, NOW $42.00


Swimsuits Types 10

Zimmermann Linked Bandeau Bikini Top$105.00

Zimmermann Linked Bikini Bottom$70.00

HEIDI KLEIN Palermo Padded Bandeau Bikini TopWas $135.00, NOW $67.50

HEIDI KLEIN Palermo Hipster Bikini BottomWas $120.00, NOW $60.00



The most popular type of swimsuit. Bikini is the majority of one-piece swimsuits differing in absolutely small shorts and narrow bra with thin shoulder straps.

Swimsuits Types 11

Missoni Mare Two-Piece Embroidered String BikiniWas $840.00, NOW $420.00

Missoni Mare Two-Piece Floral-Embroidered Bikini Was $775.00, NOW $387.50


Swimsuits Types 12

Jean Paul Gaultier Two-Piece Sheer-Tie Striped BikiniWas $295.00, NOW $147.50

OndadeMar String Bikini TopWas $97.00, NOW $48.50

OndadeMar String Bikini BottomWas $78.00, NOW $39.00


Swimsuits Types 13

OndadeMar Atlantic Deep Printed Bikini TopWas $82.00, NOW $41.00

OndadeMar Atlantic Deep Printed Bikini BottomWas $95.00, NOW $47.50

Elizabeth Hurley Beach Belle Bikini TopWas $101.00, NOW $50.50

Elizabeth Hurley Beach Belle Bikini BottomWas $101.00, NOW $50.50



Maya One-Piece Swimsuit

Classic one-piece swimsuit is called “maya”. Characteristic for Maya are attached shoulder straps and round, square or V-neck cut. Maya looks good almost on any figure and is suitable both for rest, and for sports activities.

Swimsuits Types 14

Elizabeth Hurley Beach One-Piece Marilyn SwimsuitWas $242.00, NOW $121.00

Lahco One-Piece Coco Halter SwimsuitWas $245.00, NOW $122.50



Monokini One-Piece Swimsuit

Monokini is a swimsuit which is difficult to attribute to one or another type. It has deep cuts on the sides. The top and bottom of a swimsuit are connected by decorative elements.

Swimsuits Types 15

Polo Ralph Lauren Crochet Illusion Monokini Swimsuit, Reg. $117.00, Sale $98.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Polo Ralph Lauren Crochet Illusion Monokini Swimsuit, Orig. $117.00, Now $69.99, EXTRA 15% OFF



Plunge One-Piece Swimsuit

Another type of one-piece swimsuit is plunge. This swimsuit frank, sexy and helps to correct a figure visually. Plunge has deep cut in front and deeper behind.

Swimsuits Types 16

Lazul One-Piece Shirred Plunging SwimsuitWas $259.00, NOW $129.50

HEIDI KLEIN One-Piece Batik Halter SwimsuitWas $275.00, NOW $137.50




Clothes for swimming. Approximately so you can translate the name of this kind of swimsuit. If we speak about an open swimdress, the top is likely to be halter, in closed – Mayo. The short skirt also will be present in any model swimdress.

Swimsuits Types 21

Tommy Hilfiger Striped Belted One-Piece Swimdress, Orig. $130.00, Now $51.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Carmen Marc Valvo One-Piece Ruched Bandeau SwimdressWas $133.00, NOW $66.50



Swimsuits Types 22

Gottex Swim One-Piece Enchantment Bandeau Swimdress$138.00

Gottex Swim One-Piece Tutti Frutti D-Cup Swimdress$138.00




The tank can be one-piece swimsuit and bikini. A special feature of a tank is the presence  of single cut straps. Most often the tank will also have the cups for a bust. Wide shoulder straps well support a breast and also the tank visually makes a figure slimmer. Open tank represents shorts and short top.

Swimsuits Types 17

Karla Colletto Swim Perforated One-Piece Tank SwimsuitWas $322.00, NOW $161.00

6 Shore Road by Pooja One-Piece Maya SwimsuitWas $165.00, NOW $82.50



Type of bikini swimsuit. The undershirt is a tankini top. The tank and tankini differ in top length, however to tankini usually refer tops both with wide and with narrow shoulder straps.

 Swimsuits Types 19

Kenneth Cole Reaction Paisley Smocked Tankini Top, Orig. $68.00, Now $39.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Kenneth Cole Reaction Paisley Bikini Bottom, Orig. $52.00. Now $35.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Calvin Klein Hardware Halter Tankini Top, Reg. $80.00, Was $71.99, Sale $38.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Calvin Klein Side-Tie Ruched Swim Skirt, Reg. $68.00, Was $59.99, Sale $33.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

DKNY Ruched Tankini Top, Orig. $82.00, Now $56.99 , EXTRA 15% OFF

DKNY Classic Swim Brief Bottom, Orig. $36.00, Now $24.99, EXTRA 15% OFF



Swimsuits Types 20

NEW! Lauren Ralph Lauren Striped Halter Tankini Top, $93.00

NEW! Lauren Ralph Lauren Gold-Tone-Ring Hipster Bikini Bottoms, $55.00

Lauren Ralph Lauren Striped Halter Tankini Top, Orig. $87.00, Now $59.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Lauren Ralph Lauren Hipster Swim Brief Bottom, Reg. $39.00, Sale $32.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Lauren Ralph Lauren High-Neck Printed Tankini Top, Orig. $99.00, Was $68.99, Now $47.99, EXTRA 15% OFF

Lauren Ralph Lauren Scarf-Print Swim Brief Bottom, Orig. $59.00, Now $39.99, EXTRA 15% OFF



Halter straps are fastened on the neck. In classic halter shoulder straps are wide, but also bodices with thin ties through the neck belong to this category. Swimsuit of this model can be one-piece and bikini: in both cases bodice looks the same. Halter perfectly supports the breast and a solid halter will also hide completeness of the hips.

Swimsuits Types 23

Shoshanna Chevron Ring Halter Bikini TopWas $101.00, NOW $50.50

Shoshanna Chevron Hipster Bikini Bottom, Was $96.00, NOW $48.00

OndadeMar Clear Water Bikini TopWas $132.00, NOW $66.00

Swimsuits Types 24

Shan Amanda Bikini TopWas $225.00, NOW $112.50

Shan Amanda High-Waist Bikini BottomWas $135.00, NOW $67.50

Shoshanna Solid Halter Bikini TopWas $99.00, NOW $49.50

Shoshanna Solid Bikini BottomWas $94.00, NOW $47.00


Swimsuits Types 25

Karla Colletto Swim Lace-Up Halter Bikini TopWas $170.00, NOW $85.00

Karla Colletto Swim Side-Ruched Gingham Swim SkirtWas $235.00, NOW $117.50

Norma Kamali Halter Bikini Top$175.00

Norma Kamali Ruched Low-Rise Bikini Bottom$175.00



Swimsuits Types 26

Elizabeth Hurley Beach One-Piece Marilyn SwimsuitWas $242.00, NOW $121.00

Elizabeth Hurley Beach One-Piece Marilyn SwimsuitWas $242.00, NOW $121.00


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