9 Accessories That Will Help Your Look Outrageous

A great outfit is all about finishing touches. A well-chosen accessory is what pulls it all together. An outfit is never perfect unless you’ve got perfect finishing touches. With every great look, there’s at least one accessory that helps make the look whole. So when it comes to creating a standout outfit, attention to detail is all important. We’ve got the round up of all the best accessories to make your outfit really shine!  Here are our top nine add-ons (designer sunglasses for women, fur & faux fur stoles, women floppy hats,  fedora hats for women, Michael Michael Kors and other designer fashion jewelry findings, clutch handbags, leather crossbody bags, silk scarfs and headbands from Marc Jacobs, Versace, Missoni, Ralph Lauren, Rebecca Minkoff, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Alise+Olivia, Reed Krakoff), guaranteed to make your style snap stand out. We’re listing the most swoon-worthy accessories that will help you look tremendous.


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1. Clutch

Ditch the oversized handbag in favour of a chic clutch bag. It adds detail to any outfit and is a perfect finishing touch. To make your outfit stand out, opt for medium sized clutch bags with attention-grabbing details. We’re talking bold colours, fringing, studs or fur. Play around with different shapes and maybe try a fold-over clutch bag.

9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Clutch1

GiGi New York With Love From Kat Leather Fold-Over Clutch,  USD $178.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Clutch2

1. Tory Burch Bombe Fold-Over ClutchUSD $395.00

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Circle Leather ClutchUSD $395.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Clutch3

1. Reed Krakoff Viper ClutchWas USD $1890.00, NOW USD $756.00

2. Alice + Olivia Crane-Print Acrylic ClutchWas USD $395.00, NOW USD $158.00

3. Rebecca Minkoff Leo Saffiano Leather Envelope ClutchUSD $95.00

4. MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Lana Leather Envelope Shoulder ClutchWas USD $228.00NOW USD $159.60

5. Tory Burch Britten Convertible Leather ClutchUSD $350.00




2. Crossbody bag

Tiny crossbody bag with long straps is a great way to draw the eye down to appreciate your entire outfit. Look for neutral tones for added versatility or go with a bold hue to add a bright pop to any outfit. The extra length of the straps also draws attention to the bag itself. So, make sure the bag doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit.

9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Crossbody1

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Crossbody BagUSD $368.00


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Crossbody2

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Quilted Natasha Shoulder Bag, $398.00

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Crossbody Bag, Was $368.00, Now $257.60 – $368.00




9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Crossbody3

1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Sydney Python Print Crossbody Bag , Was $245.00, Now $171.50

2. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Sydney Leather Crossbody Bag, $225.00

3. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Sydney Leather Crossbody Bag, $225.00

4. Diane von Furstenberg Voyage Gemini Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag, Was $248.00, Now $173.60


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Crossbody4

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Convertible Crossbody BagUSD $195.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Crossbody5

1. Kate Spade New York Emerson Place Vivenna Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag, Was $298.00, Now $208.60 – $298.00

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Flap Percy Crossbody Bag, $238.00

3. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Quilted Affair Shoulder BagUSD $195.00





Finish off your outfit with a pair of sunglasses for glam chic. Mirrored sunglasses help you add a futuristic touch or a retro-vibe to any look and make a strong statement while also adding a bit of colour. A pair of vibrant-hued mirrored sunglasses is sure to get you snapped by streetsyle enthusiasts. Another way to stand out from the crowd is to pick classic frames, from aviators and wayfarers to cat eye and round glasses. Go bold and choose frames in a daring colour.

9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses1

Ralph Lauren Art Deco Square SunglassesPrice: $180.00




9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses2

Ralph Lauren Aluminum Driving SunglassesPrice: $219.00


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses3

Ralph Lauren Small Pilot SunglassesPrice: $230.00




9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses4

Ralph Lauren Western Square SunglassesPrice: $200.00




9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses5

Ralph Lauren Oversized Spectator SunglassesPrice: $160.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses6

Ralph Lauren Cat Eye Spectator SunglassesPrice: $160.00




9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses8

Ralph Lauren Oversized Square SunglassesPrice: $180.00




9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses9

Ralph Lauren Western Cat Eye SunglassesPrice: $200.00




9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses10

Ralph Lauren Western Square SunglassesPrice: $200.00


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses11

Ralph Lauren Western Pilot SunglassesPrice: $290.00

Ralph Lauren Vintage Pilot SunglassesPrice: $240.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses12

1. Ralph Lauren Retro Cat Eye SunglassesPrice: $240.00

2. Ralph Lauren  Vintage Keyhole SunglassesPrice: $260.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses13

Ralph Lauren Automotive Leather SunglassesPrice: $179.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Sunglasses14

1.  Ralph Lauren Round Pinstriped SunglassesPrice: $240.00

2. Ralph Lauren ROUND SUNGLASSESPrice: $250.00

3. Ralph Lauren ROUND-EYE SUNGLASSESPrice: $240.00




No matter the season a scarf can add the perfect touch to your outfit. Scarves Are A Massive Fashion Trend. This essential accessory — including everything from oversized, chiffon blanket-types to sleek, silken skinnies, tied turtleneck-style, loosely knotted like ascots, or wrapped around wrists and ankles, colorful silk scarves — that are sure to keep you chic and cozy.

9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Scarf1

Versace Printed Silk-Twill Scarf, was $320.00, NOW $59.99, (81% Off)



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Scarf2

Versace Floral-Print Silk Scarf, was $320.00, NOW $59.99, (81% Off)

Versace Baroque-Print Silk Small Scarf, was $320.00, NOW $59.99, (81% Off)


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Scarf3

Missoni Silk Multicolor Zigzag-Print Scarf, was $280.00, NOW $59.99, (78% Off)

Missoni Silk Weave-Print Scarf, was $280.00, NOW $59.99, (78% Off)


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Scarf4

Missoni Silk Scarf, was $280.00, NOW $59.99, (78% Off)

Missoni Silk Scarf, was $280.00, NOW $59.99, (78% Off)



(Faux) Fur Stole

Summer is almost over and it’s time to prep for autumn with some transitional accessories that will take your outfit from ordinary to fabulous in seconds. A faux fur  stole is the perfect piece to make your outfit stand out. Fling it casually across your body to add drama to your outfit. Make it the focus of your look and opt for stoles in bright shades such as teal and berry. Wear your stole over neutral colours or one block colour to get the best effect. Be chic with faux fur stole.

9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Fur1

1. Armani Collezioni Rabbit Fur CollarUSD $1025.00

2. Max Mara Fox Fur CollarUSD $465.00

3. Max Mara Moira Rabbit Fur ScarfUSD $1095.00

4. St. John Sheared Rex Rabbit Fur MufflerUSD $695.00


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Fur2

Burberry Fox Fur-Trimmed Check Scarf, USD $1150.00

Burberry Fox Fur-Trimmed Check ScarfUSD $1150.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Fur3

Annabelle New York Fox Fur, Cashmere & Wool WrapUSD $850.00


Annabelle New York Fox Fur, Cashmere & Wool WrapUSD $850.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Fur4

Alice + Olivia Izzy Fur-Collar Cascade CardiganUSD $597.00

Gucci Fur-Trimmed Wool & Silk ShawUSD $695.00


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Fur7

1,2,3. Ralph Lauren Shearling Pull-Through ScarfPrice: $1250.00

4. Ralph Lauren Shearling Pull-Through ScarfPrice: $1250.00


Floppy & Fedora Hats

A floppy hat is a handy go to piece that completes an outfit effortlessly. The bohemian look of the floppy hat makes it the ultimate not-trying-too-hard piece. You can’t go wrong with black, tan, or red versions. However, you can nail your look if you match the colour of your hat to your top or trousers or if you just make it a great accent colour to the rest of your outfit. Sunglasses complement floppy hats, making your look ready.

9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Hat1

1. Eric Javits Vicki Wool Floppy HatUSD $185.00

2. Rag & Bone Dunaway Wool HatUSD $195.00

3.Rag & Bone Dunaway Wool Hat, was USD $220.00, NOW USD $66.00

4. Eugenia Kim Honey Rabbit Felt Wide-Brim Hat, $400


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Hat2

Eric Javits Floppy HatUSD $198.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Hat3

1. Rag & Bone Wide Brim Wool FedoraUSD $195.00

2. Rag & Bone Wide Brim Wool FedoraUSD $195.00

3. Rag & Bone Two-Tone Wool FedoraUSD $295.00

4. Lola Winter Wrapped Oversized FedoraUSD $315.00


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Hat4

1. Eugenia Kim Catherine Sculpted Rabbit Felt Floppy Hat, USD $425.00

2. Eugenia Kim Blake Chain-Band Wool Floppy Hat , $390.00

3. Eric Javits Victoria Floppy HatUSD $390.00




Adding a belt to a dress is a great way to change the silhouette or add sparkle to an outfit. A belt can be used to define the waist, hide those pesky extra pounds, or to add curves to a straight waist. This simple accessory can be used to glam up a plain dress or to add a casual feel to an ensemble.Skinny, medium width, and wide belts suit different looks, body types and occasions.



1, 2. Ralph Lauren Reversible Calfskin BeltPrice: $395.00  | Sale: $139.99

3,4. Ralph Lauren Leather Equestrian Charm BeltPrice: $295.00  | Sale: $64.99



1. Ralph Lauren Wrapped-Loop Vachetta BeltPrice: $395.00  | Sale: $99.99

2. Ralph Lauren Calf-Wrapped Tri-Strap BeltPrice: $695.00  | Sale: $199.99

3. Ralph Lauren Lizard Basket-Buckle BeltPrice: $795.00  | Sale: $234.99

4. Ralph Lauren Whipstitched Vachetta BeltPrice: $295.00  | Sale: $69.99



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Belt24

Polo Ralph Lauren Patent-Leather BeltPrice: $95.00



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Belt4

1. Ralph Lauren Calfskin Double-Prong BeltPrice: $295.00  | Sale: $114.99

2. Ralph Lauren Leather Horseshoe-Buckle BeltPrice: $795.00  | Sale: $214.99



1. Ralph Lauren Pearlized Patent Leather BeltPrice: $350.00  | Sale: $79.99

2. Ralph Lauren Metallic Goat-Leather BeltPrice: $295.00  | Sale: $79.99

3. Ralph Lauren Specchio Leather BeltPrice: $350.00  | Sale: $139.99

4. Ralph Lauren Resin-Buckle Lizard BeltPrice: $695.00  | Sale: $199.99



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Belt6

1. Ralph Lauren Patent Leather BeltPrice: $295.00  | Sale: $89.99

2. Ralph Lauren Basket-Buckle Calfskin BeltPrice: $495.00  | Sale: $139.99

3. Ralph Lauren  Braided Patent Leather BeltPrice: $395.00  | Sale: $99.99

4. Ralph Lauren Patent Leather BeltPrice: $295.00  | Sale: $99.99



9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Belt10

1. Lauren Ralph Lauren Braided-Loop BeltPrice: $58.00

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Woven Leather BeltPrice: $195.00  | Sale: $154.99

3. Polo Ralph Lauren Jute D-Ring BeltPrice: $175.00  | Sale: $70.00




Whether fancy or costume, nothing can add such finishing touch to your wardrobe like jewelry. Choosing your jewelry is no different than choosing your wardrobe. Most important is to stick within your comfort zone and your personal fashion style. What’s most important is that your jewelry matches up with your outfit. Your jewelry is the finishing touch on your total look. Make your fashion statement count!

9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Jewelry1

1. Kenneth Jay Lane Cabochon Cluster Drop EarringsUSD $125.00

2. Kenneth Jay Lane Cabochon Cluster Bangle BraceletUSD $135.003.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane Cabochon J-Hoop EarringsUSD $75.00




1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Kandi Gem Cuff Bracelet, Was $128.00, Now $89.60

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Kandi Gem Square Ring, Was $68.00, Now $47.60

3. Michael Kors Brilliance Botanicals Cushion Pendant Necklace, Was $115.00, Now $80.50

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Kandi Gem Choker Necklace, Was $158.00, Now $110.60

5. Michael Kors Brilliance Botanicals Cushion Stud Earrings/GoldtoneWas USD $55.00, NOW USD $38.50




1. Kate Spade New York All Wrapped Up Bow Faux Pearl Strand NecklaceWas USD $128.00, NOW USD $89.60

2. Kate Spade New York All Wrapped Up Bow Faux Pearl Drop EarringsUSD $68.00

3. Kenneth Jay Lane Fireball Beaded Collar Necklace, was $119.99, NOW $49.99




1. Kenneth Jay Lane Beaded Collar Necklace, was $120.00, NO $59.99, (50% Off)

2. Kenneth Jay Lane Bubble Cluster Collar Necklace, was $160.00, NOW $69.99

3. R. J. Graziano Ribbon & Chain Necklace, was $70.00, NOW $29.99



1. Saks Fifth Avenue Linked Clover Collar Necklace/Silver,was $43.00, NOW $19.99

2. Saks Fifth Avenue Linked Clover Collar Necklace/Gold, was $43.00, NOW  $9.99

3. Saks Fifth Avenue Oversized Oval Link Necklace/Silvertone, was $98.00, NOW $24.99



1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy Window Bangle BraceletWas USD $68.00, NOW USD $47.60

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Revolving Daisy Bangle Bracelet, Was $125.00, Now $87.50

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Open Daisy Necklace, Was $98.00, Now $68.60

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy Window Pendant Necklace, Was $78.00, Now $54.60




1. Michael Kors Motif Pavé Bar Three-Row Ring/Silvertone, Was $125.00, Now $87.50

2. Michael Kors Brilliance Statement Pavé Crisscross Ring/Silvertone, $125.00

3. Michael Kors Brilliance Statement Pavé Crisscross Ring/Goldtone, $125.00




1. Michael Kors Heritage Monogram Logo Cuff BraceletWas USD $225.00, NOW USD $157.502.

2. Michael Kors Heritage Monogram Logo Barrel Ring, Was $125.00, Now $87.50

3. Michael Kors Heritage Maritime Tortoise-Print Blocked Band Ring, $85.00

4. Michael Kors Heritage Maritime Tortoise-Print Link Slider BraceletWas USD $95.00, NOW USD $66.50




1. Michael Kors Brilliance Statement Pavé Nested Circle Drop EarringsWas USD $95.00, NOW USD $66.50

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Hexagon Huggie Hoop Earrings/Silvertone, Was USD $48.00, NOW USD $33.60

3. Kenneth Jay Lane Pavé Spike & Faux Pearl Drop EarringsWas USD $60.00, NOW USD $24.00

4. Michael Kors Brilliance Statement Circular Pavé Drop EarringsWas USD $95.00, NOW USD $66.50

5. Saks Fifth Avenue 14K White Gold Hoop Earrings/0.5″, was $400.00, NOW  $116.80, (70% Off)




1. Saks Fifth Avenue Mixed-Metal Starfish Charm Station Necklace, was $67.00, NOW $19.99

Saks Fifth Avenue Traveler’s Charm Necklace, was $98.00, NOW  $19.99

3. Saks Fifth Avenue Multi-Chain Ball Bead Necklace/Silvertone, was $88.00, NOW $24.99

4. Saks Fifth Avenue Twisted Bezel Station Necklace, was $40.00, NOW $19.99




1. Suzanne Kalan White Sapphire & 14K White Gold Circle Necklace, was $1,065.00, NOW $288.00

2. Saks Fifth Avenue Beaded Tassel Drop Necklace, was $128.00, NOW $29.99

3. Sequin Pavé Heart Necklace/Silver, was $48.00, NOW $19.99




1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lost & Found Octagon Stacking Ring SetWas USD $98.00, NOW USD $68.60

2. Michael Kors Brilliance Botanicals Cushion Chain NecklaceWas USD $195.00, NOW USD $136.50

3. Saks Fifth Avenue Faceted Hoop Earrings/1.5″, was $60.00, NOW $9.99



Hair Accessories


9 Outrageous Finishing Touches Hair1

1. BEN by Ben-Amun Wreath Jeweled Headband, was $160.00, NOW $29.99

2. Dauphines of New York Timeless 5-6MM Freshwater Pearl Headband, was $108.00, NOW $34.99

3. Dauphines of New York Timeless 2-3MM Freshwater Pearl Headband, was $88.00, NOW $24.99

4. Dauphines of New York Flower Embellished Headband, was $120.00, NOW $34.99

5. Dauphines of New York I Do Mini Crystal Headband, was $80.00, NOW $24.99








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