You will look graceful and slender in high heels shoes with massive heels or a thin hairpin. However, this footwear won’t save your feet from fatigue. It appears, to reveal the feminity in your image, heels aren’t necessary!

Feminity in British Style



Prada Platform Leather Wingtip Brogues, $950

Stella McCartney Wood & Rubber-Platform Metallic Star Oxfords, $1080

Prada Cork-Platform Leather Brogues, was $950, NOW $443.55

Givenchy Nika Studded Lace Derby Oxford Shoes, $1495

Rachel Comey Acker Perforated Leather Oxfords, was $449, NOW $209.64

Rebecca Minkoff Suede & Mesh Sylvie Oxfords, was $175, NOW $81.71


Restraint, icy politeness and mannerism – that image perfectly complement the luxurious womens oxford shoes or brogue shoes.

Oxfords is the most official option. These classic leather shoes with closed lacing gained immense popularity among students at Oxford in the 18th century.

Brogues, in fact, are the same oxfords, but decorated in a varying degree with perforation. It is considered that such shoes with small holes have been created for the needs of Scottish and Irish cattle-farmers,  who went on a damp grass much and needed quickly dries footwear.
Thanking oxfords and brogues today’s ladies, unlike ladies of past centuries, can choose footwear that matches any look.

Classic oxfords are perfectly combined with short pants and playful miniature socks. Remembering that we adopted this subject of clothes in the men, do not clutter your image with maiden details. They will not look good in the company of ruffles and frills. Wear brogues only without socks, which will be noticeable through perforation and will give out in your bad taste.


Feminity in French Style


4 Surprising Flats Shoes StylesThat Emphasize Your Feminity Ballet Flats

Tory Burch Patent Leather Logo Flats, was $250, NOW $116.72

Burberry Avonwick Leather & Canvas Ballet Flats, $350

Tory Burch Aaden Leather-Trimmed Logo Cork Flats, was $250, NOW $116.72

Salvatore Ferragamo Rufina Leather Sneaker Ballet Flats, $450

Cole Haan Avery Suede & Patent Leather Ballet Flats, was $118, NOW $55.09

See by Chloe Clara Leather Bow Ballet Flats, was $260, NOW $121.39


Calm, elegant restraint and arrogance. Is not that the classic ballet flats with a sharp toe or the same Mary Jane?

Ballerinas got its name due to the similarity with footwear of ballerinas. They are so light and comfortable that often happen “spare option” in the bag, rapidly changing heels and help after an exhausting day on the feet. Universality of flats allows to combine them with anything.

Mary Jane shoes are obliged by the name to one of heroines of the British comic book “Buster brown”. Subsequently, in the 60th, the famous model Tviggi began to wear such model of boots, thereby having made them legendary. These shoes are perfectly combined with dresses and skirts of any styles: mini skirt, pencil skirt, a classic dress to the knee or a Baby Doll dress.


Feminity in Italian Style


4 Surprising Flats Shoes StylesThat Emphasize Your Feminity Slippers

Miu Miu Velvet Jewel Smoking Slippers, was $695, NOW $324.50

Salvatore Ferragamo Scotty Patent Leather Smoking Slippers, $550

Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Smoking Slippers, $660

Jimmy Choo Wheel Studded Suede Smoking Slippers, was $695, NOW $324.50

Bottega Veneta Woven Suede Smoking Slippers, $660

Dieppa Restrepo Dandy Metallic Leather Smoking Slippers, $275



The impudence, optimism and crazy emotions – all this perfectly are embodied by top-siders or slippers.

Earlier top-siders used exclusively yachtsmen, but now they they became stylish and comfortable footwear, very popular among young people. Differ in contour lacing and light color of a sole. They are combined with the marine style clothes best of all: striped skirts, shorts and dresses. It is better to choose the classic top-siders with white laces, which will make the image complete.

Aristocrats began to wear slippers as house-shoes. Classic slippers sew from velvet and decorate with gold embroidery and silk tassels. They perfectly feel in the company of light romantic dresses, shorts or skirts to the knee.


Feminity in Japanese Style


4 Surprising Flats Shoes StylesThat Emphasize Your Feminity Flip Flops

Tory Burch Moore Leather Logo Flat Sandals, $195

Burberry Reason Leather Thong Sandals, $450

Pierre Hardy Pearls Leather Thong Sandals, was $885, NOW $413.21

Tibi Camilo Leather Lace-Up Espadrille Sandals, was $425, NOW $198.43

Burberry Maisie Leather & Check Thong Sandals, $250

Prada Fringed Leather Thong Sandals, was $850, NOW $396.86


Comfort, ease and manifestation of “indifference”-  these are unambiguous flip-flops  and their very wide variety.

It is traditional footwear for the countries of Asia. Today’s fashion on the flip-flops repeats tendencies of the early 21st century, with characteristic for those times: decor in the form of pastes, natural and plastic stones, metal details and various prints.

Modern flip-flops are presented not only by decorated footwear, but also by sports models, which are very comfortable on vacation. Most often, they are made of rubber in bright colors.

Average beach shoes suddenly can be transformed into laconic application to a variety of images that go beyond beach fashion.


Feminity Without Borders

Quite really to reach feminity by means of  the luxurious, delicate, sensual, comfortable and granting lightness shoes without heels.

Finally, it should be noted: whatever was the woman’s choice concerning footwear, it is important to remember that without heels it not less stylish and relevant than the classic studs. Shoes without heels give ease to foot, so, our movements become more natural and relaxed, and gait – free. Therefore don’t limit your  imagination.  After all the choice of various models and colors is really huge.


I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about 4 SURPRISING FLATS SHOES STYLES THAT EMPHASIZE YOUR FEMINITY or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.



  1. You have a lovely selection of feminine shoes. I don’t like brogues on myself. I believe you have to have a certain style to wear them, and I don’t have it. The Japanese style I like, but I love the flats and the Italian style and have quite a few pair of them two. They’re very comfortable and feminine. You don’t need to wear heels to show off your femininity, but they do show it the most. 🙂

  2. Very nice and cozy. Love the shoes.

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