What To Wear For A Wedding

If you are invited to a wedding you have to solve two questions: think up of what to present and decide dresses to wear to a wedding. With a gift it is easier. After all good wedding gifts are very universal and don’t depend neither on weather nor on a season, on the concept of a wedding. When choosing attire must take into account several factors: the season, the weather, the time and place of the celebration as well as the style of the wedding, if it is declared. It is necessary to take into account who you are to the bride and groom. For example, a witness in selecting dress need to be more circumspect because witnesses attract a lot of attention. Close relatives of future newlyweds need to be more elegant than other guests – it will reflect their special status at the wedding and emphasize the significance of the celebration for them.

What to Wear for a Wedding?

To answer this question, it is necessary to take into account:

  • Understand the undeniable fact – your outfit should not overshadow the bride’s attire;
  • Wedding is a very bright and happy holiday, so gloomy dark tone is unlikely to be heard in unison with it;
  • Pastel color range corresponds to the romantic mood of celebration;
  • Eccentricity bordering on vulgarity is therefore not necessary to experiment on such a day.

What not to Wear to the Wedding?

The two forbidden colors – white and black. White color belongs only to the bride as a symbol of purity and tenderness. The black color has elegance and solemnity but is not acceptable for the wedding. You should choose your outfit depending on to whom you are invited to a wedding and in what quality you act. But if you are decided finally to choose small black dress do not forget to accompany it with accessories and open shoes of different color.

Which Dress to Wear to the Wedding?

The right choice of dress for a wedding depends on many factors. If you consider our advice you can look very impressive:

  • It is considered the most elegant dress to a knee. Short dresses sometimes look too provocatively, especially, if you have to participate in competitions and entertainment program. Long dresses look solemn but under certain conditions – if the wedding takes place at a specified dress code. If the celebration takes place on the beach or in the garden, it is absolutely inappropriate;
  • Being guided by the rule of a snow-white dress only for the bride, choose half tone and not shouting flower shades – lilac, beige, pink, blue. Refuse dark flowers, especially black. Choose silver and gold colors with care. They can give you vulgarities;
  • Depending on time of the year, choose the right fabric for the dress. For the warm period – air and light materials; for colder time – denser and warm materials;
  • Choosing a dress style, you first need to consider the age and your figure.

 What to Wear to a Summer Wedding?

It is possible to dress for a wedding with flower prints in summer. Such dresses look very fresh, easy and romantic. They are especially appealing for weddings taking place early in the day.

Flower Dresses For Wedding

Darker color dresses should only be worn for evening weddings, taking place after dark. Even then, it is best avoid black dresses for summer. Something light and joyful is preferable.

Mono Dresses For Wedding

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The monophonic dress of flower or fruit color will be a fine choice for a summer wedding: orange, yellow, coral, lilac, pink, blue, cornflower-blue, lime, etc. The color may be both bright and pastel.

Mono Long Dresses For Wedding

As for length, there are no restrictions. It is possible to put on both short and long dress if it is sewed from the light “flying” fabric. Dense fabric should be truncated at the day time.

Dresses For Wedding

Along with glitter, sequins, crystals, etc. summer does not look so luxurious as at other times. The sun makes the outfit shimmer – often looks cheap and ridiculous. In any case, shimmering dresses are evening option. It isn’t accepted to wear shimmering dresses in the afternoon.

Light Dresses For Wedding

If the wedding starts quite late, it is better to choose something light. Even in a cool summer evening do not wear wool dress and closed shoes for a wedding.

Light, airy dresses and flowing pantsuits of bright juicy colors are always advantageous in summer.

Attire For Wedding

Since the summer the weather is often unpredictable and changeable, it is necessary to take with some cloak for bad weather. You should take a stole or a stylish bolero.

Bolero And Cloak

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What not to Wear to a Summer Wedding?

  • Large jewelry look ridiculous in the heat especially with light dresses.
  • In the knitted things you will quickly become hot and uncomfortable.
  • Even if the weather is hot you should not be “too naked.” Naked belly is of place at the wedding, like the neckline to the navel.
  • If the wedding will be in the open air, think – don’t light wind air will lift your skirt? Even if you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe pose for a wedding with a raised skirt just not worth it.


  1. In the very first picture, the second dress…the floral one with illusion neckline. Where do you find this? It is stunning.

    • Dear Amy! Unfortunately,this dress is already out of stock. If you need a cool dress for a special occasion, please, specify which one do you need. I’ll give you a link.


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