There are some easy tricks for looking at least 5 pounds thinner instantly.

Wear Right Fit Clothing

Clothes that are too tight highlight your trouble spots and emphasize fat rolls. Clothes that are too big add bulk and give your body a formless shape. Outfits that skim along your body create a thinner look.

V Neck Tops  and Open Collar Tops

V neck tops and open collars create flattering vertical lines down your silhouette and help draw attention to your face. If you have big breast, you should definitely stay away from high neck tops since these create a matronly look.

Choose Flattering Accessories

Wear beautiful earrings to draw the focus away from your body to your face. Wear long necklaces to create the illusion of slimmer silhouette. Vertical lines keep the eyes moving up and down instead of out. Wear bracelets and rings to bring attention to your wrists.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Wearing dark colors downplay your trouble spots. But it doesn’t mean you have to live in black clothes. Instead, wear clothes of a similar tone or intensity. A monochromatic look creates an uninterrupted vertical line. This make you look thinner than if you were wearing contrasting colors.  E.g.:

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  1. i find myself weainrg almost the same clothes as yours everyday, being a work at home mom who almost never finds the need to dress up. i agree comfort should always be above style ^_^

  2. ZHANNA,

    Thanks so much for this awesome look into how ladies may save money while still looking great!
    While I would not be your ideal candidate for this site my wife and many others I know would love it and I will be sure to share.

    All my best to your future success,


    • Dear Gary!
      Thank you for your comment) You are the ideal candidate for our site, because all the women are inspired by men! And we always like to hear what you, men, like)
      We will be glad if our materials will be useful for your family)
      Keep in touch, Zhanna

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