Today I’m going to share with you how to wear ladies hat for different occasions: in the grandstand, the beach, or an outdoor cafe. Give your look a head start!

A hat is the perfect accessory to share your personal style and it works year-round. First, wearing a hat isn’t all that difficult. Plop it on your head and you’re good to go. It’s not how you wear it necessarily but what you wear it with.

A hat is a stylish accessory appropriate for all occasions, and even while traveling. Wearing a hat while traveling is a great idea, especially in hot temperatures. It’s function: shield your face and neck from getting sunburned.

The tricky part is making sure it goes with the rest of your outfit. You’ll most likely be wearing a comfortable outfit while traveling so a hat is a great way to add some style to your look.

When I was in Barcelona, Spain, last August, I’ve bought a cool hat while I was there. You don’t have to have every hat outfit planned.

It’s often hard to travel with a hat, so when you can, buy one at your destination. If you’re in another country buying a hat will not only add style to your travel outfits but it’ll also make a great memory every time you wear it at home.

Ultimately, wearing a hat (whether it’s a floppy sun hat, a boater hat or women’s straw hats, straw cowboys hats, etc.) for style or function, is never a bad decision. Of course, you should also have the confidence and attitude to pull off hat.


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1. Brimming with Oversized Glamour.


Women Hat1

Eric Javits Giant Floppy Sun Hat, Peanut, $450.00. FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS every day!


2. Fringe & Feathers for Festival days.


Women Hat2

Gladys Tamez The Talitha Panama Straw Hat w/ Feathers, Cafe, $360.00. FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS every day!





3. Nod to Vintage Couture with Reimagined Netting.


Women Hat3

Inverni Iris Straw Hat w/ Netting, Natural, $635.00. FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS every day!


4. An Avant-Garde Twist on a Classic


Women Hat4

Eugenia Kim Catherine Folded Straw Sun Hat, $425.00. FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS every day!

5. A Day at the Races Calls for Garlands.


Women Hat5

Philip Treacy Sidesweep Hat w/ Floral Trim, Multicolor, $1,200.00. FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS every day!



6. This Contrast Boater Weaves in Menswear Details.


Women Hat7

Gigi Burris Brigette Straw Boater Hat, Black, $415.00FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS every day!



7. Keep Cool on Sunny Days in the Sand.


Women Hat6

Helen Kaminski Jordyn Raffia Sun Hat, $295.00. FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS every day!



I hope you use this post for inspiration!

What are your favorite Hats? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. My wife wants to wear hat always and I think may be she will like your this post. I will bookmark it and let her read it. Thanks for giving such tips to wear hat which looks simple but are actually great.

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