When it comes to classic style, there is nothing more chic than black and white!

Sophisticated and truly elegant, insurmountable black and white.  The chromatic combination of the black and white comes in romantic, graphic or minimalist styles.

This color combination is timeless, seasonless, and always appropriate.

Though I often wear a lot of color, sometimes I find myself wanting to wear something understated, but with a twist. That is when I turn to black and white.


Black seems a bit too dreary. White can be too virginal or bridal.

But combine the two and voila! A classic and chic statement.


Get #Classics in Black + White outfit ideas from top designers Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander, Marni, Maison Margiela, Viktor & Rolf,  Alberta Ferretti, Rochas, Diane von Furstenberg, Giorgio Armani and others below!


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Outfit #1

You have many reasons to follow the black and white trend. Maybe you do not like mixing and matching colors, or maybe you are a minimalist, or maybe you just like fashion and new trends- in any case these 20 ways to wear black and white will help you make the right choice and never stay bored with these two colors.

Black And White16

1. MAISON MARGIELA 1 Casual pants, was $525.00, NOW $304.00

2. MARNI Shirt, was $534.00, NOW $459.00

3. JIL SANDER Sandals, was $448.00, NOW $403.00

4. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Ring, $78.00



Outfit #2

This look is so well balanced and so perfect that any added details would be out of place. When deciding on accessories for your bright white outfit, think minimalism – there is no need for embellishments and extra décor, the color of your accessories will do all the work.

Black And White11

1. T by ALEXANDER WANG Shorts, was $805.00, $474.00

2. VIKTOR & ROLF Top, was $443.00, NOW $376.00

3. ALBERTA FERRETTI Pump, was $796.00, NOW $700.00



Outfit #3

If you are an artsy person who does not accept mediocrity and want to incorporate your artistic vision into the way you look, a simple black and white dress is just for you. It is quite baggy, but the different shapes of two contrasting colors turn it into a piece of art, making a clear statement that this season you will make your own rules.

Black And White10

1. BAND OF OUTSIDERS 3/4 length dress, was $384.00, NOW $345.00

2. BALENCIAGA Sandals, $409.00

3. MAISON MARGIELA 11 Handbag, was $625.00, NOW $562.00

4. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Ring, $78.00



Outfit #4

As you already know, traditional black and white outfit implies white top and black bottom. In our fast-developing world of fashion this is not the case anymore. It’s time for new classics, where despite everything being turned upside down, it does not shock or confuse you. Try a white skirt instead of white pants and a simple black top and you are the embodiment of class and good taste.

Black And White9

1. T by ALEXANDER WANG Top, $232.00

2. MAISON MARGIELA 1 Casual pants, was $629.00, NOW $327.00

3. ROCHAS Handbag, was $629.00, NOW $465.00

4. BALENCIAGA Sandals, $409.00



Outfit #5

Have you ever tried wearing white shoes with a black dress? Impossible and bad taste, isn’t’ it? Well, it is not that simple anymore and below is a vivid example of how this little faux-pas enriches and twists the whole image into something worth looking at. Definitely worth trying!

Black And White8

1. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Long dress, was $671.00, NOW $389.00

2. CASADEI Sandals, was $445.00, NOW $356.00

3. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Bracelet, $62.00

4. EMPORIO ARMANI Handbag, was $1,023.00, NOW $869.00



Outfit #6

Just add black&white snakeskin-printed heeled sandals and bracelet to this outstanding knee-length white strapless dress.

Black And White7

1. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Bracelet, $147.00

2. GIORGIO ARMANI Sandals, was $682.00, NOW $518.00

3. ACNE STUDIOS Knee-length dress, was $549.00, NOW $466.00



Outfit #7

If you are a fan of casual street style, this simple option is for you.

Black And White6

1. MARNI Necklace, was $313.00, NOW $266.00

2. MAISON MARGIELA 22 Sandals, was $698.00, NOW $614.00

3. BAND OF OUTSIDERS Overalls, was $329.00, NOW $286.00

4. MAISON MARGIELA 11 Handbag, was $625.00, NOW $562.00



Outfit #8

Toughen up an all-white short dress with black accessories, such as platform heeled sandals and black&white bracelet.

Black And White5

1. BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Short dress, was $671.00, $335.00

2. MICHAEL KORS Sandals, was $633.00, NOW $379.00

3. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Bracelet, $147.00



Outfit #9

White and black are perfect colors for stylish women who want to emphasize their lightness of being and seek inspiration in French lifestyle and chic. Mixing black and white in such a manner is a perfect way to add brightness to your image without adding anything other than monochromatic shades.

Black And White4

1. VIKTOR & ROLF Casual pants, was $528.00, NOW $448.00

2. GIVENCHY Shirt, was $582.00, NOW $320.00




Outfit #10

Add to this monochromic white cotton multipockets’ dress and white agate earrings – black high heeled sandals.

Black And White3

1. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Knee-length dress, was $388.00, NOW $349.00

2. ALEXANDER WANG Sandals, $331.00

3. NUR Earrings, $136.00



Outfit #11

An interesting approach to mixing black and white together is to let one color be the main one and the other one a complimentary color to accentuate the whiteness (or blackness) and imminence of the dominant color. Here is a perfect example of how you can integrate three black details (the shoes, the clutch, and the ring) into your all-white ensemble and look fabulous.

Black And White2

1. VIKTOR & ROLF Short dress, was $696.00, NOW $626.00

2. MAISON MARGIELA 11 Handbag, was $625.00, NOW $562.00

3. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Ring, $78.00

4. GIANVITO ROSSI Pump, was $544.00, NOW $435.00



Outfit #12

A graphic design takes basic black and white from understated to statement-making.

Black And White1

1. PROENZA SCHOULER Short dress, was $713.00, NOW $584.00

2. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Earrings, $78.00

3. CASADEI Pump, $415.00

4. DOLCE & GABBANA Across-body bag, was $556.00, NOW $305.00



Outfit #13


Black And White20

1. MARNI Short dress, was $437.00, NOW $349.00

2. PROENZA SCHOULER Sandals, was $523.00, NOW $470.00

3. ROCHAS Handbag, was $629.00, NOW $465.00

4. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Earrings, $70.00



Outfit #14


Black And White19

1. JIL SANDER Knee-length dress, was $1,192.00, NOW $607.00

2. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Necklace, $178.00

3. ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Sandals, was $423.00, NOW $232.00



Outfit #15

One of the greatest ways to wear black and white with sophistication and chic is to mix different and sometimes even opposing fabrics. This is just one of the options, but with the variety of different fabrics out there – leather, suede, velvet, silk, cashmere – the choice is all yours!

Black And White18

1. JUST CAVALLI Jumpsuit/one piece, was $361.00, NOW $256.00

2. Earrings, $44.00

3. COSTUME NATIONAL Flip flops, $435.00



Outfit #16

You love minimalistic style but recently black and white started to bore you and you would like to try something new? Try visual effects, when different patterns go different directions and build a new look that needs to be deciphered. The chaotic stripes on the pumps and the handbag will create an illusion of movement and velocity, and make sure these two colors will never bore you again.

Black And White17

1. DSQUARED2 Knee-length dress, $437.00

2. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN Pump, was $359.00, NOW $287.00

3. EMPORIO ARMANI Handbag, was $1,023.00, NOW $869.00

4. NUR Earrings, $136.00



Outfit #17

Deep black and white might seem a bit too categorical for some girls. Indeed, life is not all black and white; there are multiple shades and nuances that make it so different, complex, and beautiful. Black and white, just like any other colors, have shades too. Dark or light, bright or dim. Or you can mix them together and get many shades of gray. Try working these shades if you are not comfortable yet using two basic colors or if you do not want to look just black and white.

Black And White15

1. JIL SANDER Knee-length dress, was $653.00, NOW $ 306.00

2. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Earrings, $78.00

3. EMPORIO ARMANI Handbag, was $1,023.00, NOW $869.00

4. DSQUARED2 Sandals, was $433.00, NOW $389.00



Outfit #18


Black And White14

1. RICK OWENS Short dress, was $479.00, NOW $373.00

2. DOLCE & GABBANA Across-body bag, was $556.00, NOW $305.00

3. CASADEI Ankle boot, was $498.00, NOW $448.00

4. MARNI Necklace, was $313.00, NOW $266.00



Outfit #19


Black And White13

1. MSGM Short dress, was $431.00, $383.00

2. DSQUARED2 Handbag, was $603.00, NOW $476.00

3. FENDI Sandals, $574.00



Outfit #20

Add a low-key, luxe identity to a party dress by adding sandals with wrapping straps closure, a square toeline, and geometric heel.


Black And White12

1. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Party dress, was $411.00, NOW $246.00

2. COSTUME NATIONAL Sandals, was $524.00, NOW $471.00

3. ROCHAS Handbag, was $629.00, NOW $465.00


You have seen it all and you have mastered the skill of wearing black and white colors at the very advanced levels- it means it is time to spice it up by adding a new color. Do not worry, it will not kill your minimalistic mood, in fact, it will bring the best out of all the colors and shades involved. Try it and you will like it!

Black and white are simple and at the same time strong colors, conveying powerful message. These different black and white styles will hopefully inspire you to look fabulous every day.

What are your favourite outfits? Let me know in the comments!


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