What do you wear immediately after Christmas in what is most people’s least favourite month? The shops are full of the dregs of the sales and it feels a long time until spring. This is the time I recommend you update your cold weather wardrobe items. Those pieces that work for more than one season, don’t date and form the foundations of many outfits. They will be different for each of us depending on colouring, body shape and lifestyle but below I’ve listed some of the most common and given you a more affordable option. Pure cashmere sweaters are luxurious treat on a dull January day with its cozy softness. Choose a colour of the cardigan cashmere sweaters that makes you feel good for a double dose of comfort. Women cashmere sweaters, women cold weather boots and court shoes are plentiful in this year’s sales, so again I’d recommend buying a better quality that you couldn’t normally afford. Wet weather calls for ladies cashmere sweaters and cardigans and warm boots. I spoil myself, my family and want to share with you the latest news from sales.


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What could be more stylish and comfortable than ankle boots from Givenchy on a steady heel? Cool pink color will give freshness and lightness to your image.

Cashmere And Boots2

1. Hayden Lavender Cashmere Knit Crewneck Button-Front Cardigan, was $280.00, NOW $69.00

2. Givenchy Lambskin Leather Wooden-Heel Boots, Was $1595.00, NOW $638.00



In such cashmere sweater-poncho and warm snickers any walk or a trip will become a pleasure! Volume poncho will hide shortcomings of a figure and will visually make your look slimmer.

Cashmere And Boots1

1. Cashmere Saks Fifth Avenue Cable Knit-Cashmere Poncho, was $378.00, NOW $179.99, (52% Off)

2. Salvatore Ferragamo Ludwig Suede & Shearling Lace-Up Boots, Was $775.00, NOW $310.00


In this image everything is modest and tasteful, if you prefer classics.

Cashmere And Boots3

1. Autumn Cashmere Grey Cashmere Knit Shirttail Cardigan, was $308.00, NOW $71.20

2. Circus by Sam Edelman Reese Calf-Hair Paneled Double Monk-Strap Boots, was $140.00, NOW $69.99, (50% Off)


In these look there are juicy colors and fantastic textures – perfect set to relax (lounge look).

Cashmere And Boots4

1. Cashmere Saks Fifth Avenue Cashmere Hooded Sweater, was $225.00, NOW $79.99, (64% Off)

2. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Carmen Patchwork Calf Hair & Suede Knee-High Bootsб Was $675.00б NOW $270.00


Be sure to take note. beige turtleneck should be must-have in your wardrobe. Yves Saint Laurent noticed that the turtleneck is a great way out from any situation. It beautifully fits and emphasizes a breast, thus hiding details from strangers.

Cashmere And Boots5

1. Cashmere Saks Fifth Avenue Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, was $198.00, NOW $59.99, (69% Off)

2. Tory Burch Anjelica Rabbit Fur-Trimmed Suede Boots, Was $395.00, NOW $158.00


This sweater subdued me not only with the noble Camel color. It is incredibly stylish and correct. It elongates the neck due to v-shape cut, hides unnecessary nuances on hips and a stomach and lengthens the leg smartly thanks to the sidecut. Minimalist chic – I think it about you.

Cashmere And Boots6

1. Cashmere Saks Fifth Avenue Round Hem V-Neck Cashmere Sweater, was $400.00, NOW $119.99, (70% Off)

2. Aquatalia Chiara Suede & Faux Fur Belted Wedge Booties, Was $450.00, NOW $315.00



Warm, nice and cozy – this is the motto of the cold days. This sweater – just about it.

Cashmere And Boots7

1, 2. Cashmere Saks Fifth Avenue Zip Hem Cowlneck Cashmere Sweater, was $380.00, NOW $99.99, (73% Off)

3. 3.1 Phillip Lim Juno Pebbled Leather Tall Boots, was $1,250.00, NOW $489.99, (60% Off)


These cashmere cardigans are also mast-haves. They will match any look – from office to casual, can also be the basis of a plurality of images. Note.

Cashmere And Boots8

1, 2, 3. Hayden Lavender Cashmere Knit Crewneck Button-Front Cardigan, was $280.00, NOW $69.00

4. Ash Ricky Leather Wedge Ankle Boots, was $250.00, NOW $129.99, (48% Off)


Cardigan can also be elegant. You can throw it both over a cocktail dress, and with jeans – smart casual look is provided to you.

Cashmere And Boots9

1. Hayden Charcoal Cashmere Embellished Trim Open Cardigan, was $365.00, NOW $95.40

2. French Connection Sabea Leather Lace-Up Booties, was $175.00, NOW $89.99, (48% Off)



Cashmere FOREVER! I’ve already talked about the classic cardigans. Here is another interpretation.

Cashmere And Boots10

1, 2, 3. Wyatt Carbernet Cashmere Button Front Boyfriend Cardigan, was $325.00, NOW $83.40

4. Vince Yasmin Leather Boots, was $595.00, NOW $319.99, (46% Off)



Fashionable combination of red and gray – the so-called color block in the classic cardigan. Why not?

Cashmere And Boots11

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Rhea Cashmere Colorblock Cardigan, was $348.00, NOW $129.99, (62% Off)

2. Saks Fifth Avenue Made in Italy Leather Over-The-Knee Boots, was $595.00, NOW $125.98, (78% Off)



This extraordinary cardigan super-stylish and incredibly pleasant to the body. You are doomed to compliments in it. Remember my words!)

Cashmere And Boots12

1. Design History Butterscotch Cashmere Button Front Hi-Low Cardigan, was $341.00, NOW $117.00

2. Aquatalia Chiara Suede & Faux Fur Belted Wedge Booties, Was $450.00, NOW $315.00



So yes, I would still say don’t buy something just because it’s reduced, but don’t be boring either! Use the sales as an opportunity to buy that pair of shoes or cashmere sweater that make your heart stop.

What will you be buying in this year’s sales?




  1. Great stuff! Personally, I woldn’r buy any of these items but I showed my mom and cousin and they both agreed that most of your items were great, and they’d take a look at them!

    It is very cold in my area as of now and much of your items would appeal to many people I know. I’ll be sure to tell some friends, thsee deals are just too good to pass up! 🙂

    • Dear Trevon! It would be strange if you would buy something for you here;) Thank you very much for your comment and that you show our post to your mom and cousin!



  2. The sweaters and boots that you are displaying on your site would be a welcomed addition for anyone’s wardrobe. The sweater are very stylish and I imagine they are quite warm. Although I do like the boots I do not think they would be a good fit for the cold Canadian weather.

  3. Any idea where the cashmere comes from?
    Great site by the way, I love the way it flows and the imagery. My lucky wife will be getting plenty from here

    • Yes, your wife is really lucky with you, Brendan! Thank you again for your comment! And I can answer your question:
      Cashmere is swelled (underfur) of mountain goats. The word cashmere went from the name of the province on border of India and Pakistan in which these goats were originally grown up. Air temperature can be from -40 to +40 degrees there, but such sharp and continental climate led to appear at local goats of special animal hair with a double layer: the softest down inside and rough wool from above. Such goats aren’t cut, and combed out during a molt. From each goat receive only 100-150 grams of down, but it is enough for a scarf, on a jacket the down already from 2-3 animals is necessary.
      The best cashmere is grown up in Mongolia and the Inner Mongolia today (it is such area of China). And here the best products from this precious material – of course, in Scotland. Scots comb fibers a special crest, leaving only thin and long. And still they use the magic soft water and it always improves quality (remember at least whisky!).
      Cashmere is hypoallergenic, soft, moreover is 8 times warmer than sheep wool!)

  4. I love all the different cashmere options! I’m not usually a big fan of sweaters, but I could really see myself wearing some of these. Great sales too, I could never afford some of this stuff at full price, lol 😉 Now I just need to get in shape so I can fit into some these boots, sigh. Thanks for bringing us the deals!

  5. These sweaters all look so soft and flattering to where. I could really cuddle up with the sweater poncho. And the Tory Burch Boots with rabbit fur nice and warm.. Very nice collection.

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