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  1. Ladies loving the site! I especially enjoyed the dresses and the information about styles to hide large hips. I love wearing maxi’s during the summer. As I was browsing through and looking at clothes for fall, I saw some grey and shades of grey coming back. Is it true grey color coming back into the palette for fall?

    • Hi Janette!

      Grey palette has always been in attendance at fall/winter runway shows year in year out, but it came as an aha moment for us this time that it is Sharkskin to work triumphantly all over the map whether with bright or muted shades, whether in everyday life or on special occasions. Through fashion houses using this stable shade in abundance we are now bumping into another grand fall/ winter 2016-2017 color trend to embrace our wardrobes soon enough.

      We see Sharkskin brought forefront through fall outerwear at Marissa Webb, while at Nicholas K. head-to-toe Sharkskin outfits with shimmering silk in between have it made in the shade to create futuristic and struggling milieu around. At Stella McCartney we can see some monochromatic grey numbers, but also a grey-scarlet red combination to dictate a cool colorblock worth to follow come the cold days.

      If any questions, please, ask!


  2. Hi Zhanua, I love the look of the site. Very attractive and great layout! I like that you can sign up to keep in touch too. I will definitely be coming back to read some more.

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