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“We love beautiful, stylish and interesting personalities and we want to help women to be such.

There is no need spending huge amount of money to create fashionable and stylish look. It is always possible to find a way out and to look like a million dollars having spent quite reasonable money.

We help hunting on such women’s apparel. And our goal is to give maximum info about what is fashionable and stylish and to find everything in one place at reasonable price”.

HitOutfit is a blog about style, fashion and inspiration.

My name is Zhanna, my sister’s name – Larysa. We write about style, fashion and dreams, we write reviews about what we wear ourselves. We love Sales and we share with you our findings. We love beautiful people and we want to be getting more. We hope that our vision of the beauty will inspire you.

Do you want to know how to work with what you have and make the most out of a limited wardrobe?

Do you want to know how to stay updated and to look fresh even without buying anything new?


Welcome to our fantastically beautiful and stylish world!

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Zhanna & Larysa


  1. Tons of great items for the women in my life. This is a great place to find a few things for the spring or summer vacation. Looking forward to seeing more things for the plus size gals.

  2. Zhanna and Larysa,

    You have a very interesting blog going on here. I like the name you choose and how this page looks. It still seems new but I am sure with time it’s gonna look great.

    I will be looking forward to your site development.

    However, I’d prefer some more information on your guys since this is the about page.

    All the best!

  3. Hello Zhanna,

    You hit a great idea that women like most, the fashion and look. Thanks for your offering of assistance when choosing and shopping of an outfit. I like this site feature of sales alert when there is someone’s favorite item on sale. Today when outfit is stylish its price is high and sometimes can’t afford. Why to purchase expensive outfit if there is a practical way like yours. Thanks for your website, now I have many options when purchasing an outfit in affordable price. I will visit always your site to check what is new. Great job!


    • Dear Marcy! Thank you very much for your comment! We will be more then happy to have you our reader! We try to improve every day. If you have any questions about wardrobe, what to wear, how to mix, etc.., you can always ask and we will answer! Moreover, we can prepare the article with samples for you)

  4. I’m so glad I stumbled across your website. I am so tired of the overpriced clothing in the shops and being advertised online. The quality is bad and the cost is overpriced too.
    It is about time I have found a one stop place where I know I can find clothing items I can trust to be quality, great style and a great price. Thank you!

    • Dear Lynne! Thank you very much for your comment! We are very pleased to be helpful for you! Please, ask any question and we will help you to look beautiful and spend the most reasonable money for your new look! Also we are happy to help with style advices, tips and tricks!

      Keep in touch,


  5. Hi Zhanna, I think this site will become very popular with the young ladies. Are these your audience? Cheers, Jerry

    • Thank you for your comment, Jerry! And yes, young ladies between 20 and 45 are our audience!)
      One day we shall go to create mail web, so, I hope you will be our reader!
      And what you would like to know about ladies concerning fashion and style? I would be happy to write the article for you!

  6. Great story and I wish both of you nothing but success.

  7. Love your site.You gives good insight about fashion and its very easy to find what you looking for!Regards O

  8. Hi Zhanna and Laraysa. This is really a beautiful site! The fashions and styles are appealing, and all the images wonderful to look at. Being a bargain shopper but not wanting to sacrifice quality can make it difficult to find what I want – I like what you ladies are offering here. I’m sure I’ll be back 😉

  9. I’m not into fashion but my daughter is and I know she’ll like your site. The look and feel of the site is very inviting.

  10. Great site, since I have a young teenage granddaughter that loves to look good in what she wears, this site looks great for shopping for her, and as for myself, helps me know what to wear since I am not an up to date dresser so who knows, maybe this would be great site for me to shop for myself.

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