Dress Shapes

Dress Shape Vocabulary

Types of Necklines

Neckline Fashion Vocabulary

Women Collar Styles

Female Collars Fashion Vocabulary

Different Sleeve Styles

Sleeves Fashion Vocabulary

Types of Skirts

Skirt Fashion Vocabulary

Types of Trousers

Trousers Fashion Vocabulary

Types of Women Shoes

Shoes Fashion Vocabulary

Shoes Fashion Vocabulary 01

Types of the Bags

Bag Fashion Vocabulary

Types of Hats

Hats Fashion Voabulary

Different Bra Types

Bra Fashion Vocabulary

Sunglasses for Women

Glasses Fashion Vocabulary

Names of Patterns

Pattern Fashion Vocabulary

Pattern fashion Vocabulary 01

The author of this page content is Enerie, a fashion lab from Fractals.




  1. HI, this is so cool. I never saw these terms laid out like this. I’m going to print some of them to keep!

  2. Dear Robert! Thank you for your warm comment! We try our best!
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